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Letter from Paul [Jun. 12th, 2008|10:30 pm]
The Automatic!



i wonder how John Terry is doing... still gutted i reckon. he missed one, i gave one away. penalties eh? crackers! it hit me hard. we lost the game against team average at soccer 6 in Reading, out of the tournament again! so i got wasted. (it's not big and it's not clever!) decided to pick a fun fight with Pritchard from Dirty Sanchez, (he is big and clever...?) which he gladly accepted, as a result i couldn't walk properly for a while. luckily the last show of our UK tour, in Wrexham, was a week or so away. plenty of time to recover.

Wrexham was ace and it marked the end of my first tour with the lads. super fun times were had. which included; a million gigs, 2 festivals, 2 soccer6 tournaments, 1 fa cup final (boo), clay pigeon shooting and loads of other stuff i'll never tell you.

Since then we've been writing and recording B sides, we have been in discussion with artist Dave Bailey over the nearly complete artwork for This is a Fix. Looks amazing! Now we're busy packing for LA to shoot the video for first single Steve McQueen. On return we hit Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds, interviews, photoshoots and all that jazz..... Album drops end of August you lucky buggers.

in other exciting news, we've just put the first webisode of 'This Is A Fix' online, at our brand spanking new youtube channel. webisode #1 is a live video put together from all the shows on the April tour, with a couple of live tracks thrown in there too... it looks mint, so click here to go check it out. there's some pretty cool old vids on there too which you might not have seen, including frost remaking snakes on a plane with his laptop charger...

On a personal note thanks to one and all for dragging me off the streets of Sunderland (great football team) and having me in this world beating super hella good rock outfittingtonhiemenburgh.

Cheers, and see you at the festivals! Paul x

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