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This is by no means a review, more the ramblings of an ecstatic fan… - The Automatic! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Automatic!

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[Apr. 16th, 2008|10:44 am]
The Automatic!

This is by no means a review, more the ramblings of an ecstatic fan but you might be interested in the videos I took, aha.

Viva Machine - I'd heard of these guys before, but wasn't familiar with any of their records. Their songs have a very distinct sound, and for those who aren't feeling the synth sounds a lot of bands are integrating into their music at the moment, you probably wouldn't be a fan, but anyone open to new music should definetly go check them out. My personal favourite is Robot Bodyrox, which sounds as good studio recorded as it does live. Overall, I was really impressed with these guys, given I am a sucker for welsh accents but they were really energetic and you could really sense they love what they are doing. Shiv and I both agreed the lead singer had an awesome voice, and it gave the songs that little bit extra. I could definetly see these guys been played on radio one in the near future (insert reference to Jo Wiley and her need for new bands on a regular basis), and they would definetly be deserving of it. I was extremely disappointed with the crowd, in all honesty especially because of the reputation Leeds crowds have for being made of awesome and giving bands they've never heard of a good reception but this really wasn't the case. Even worse, some guy was absolutely rat-arsed and shouting obscentities at them which was a bit out of order. Leeds you let me down for the first time, ever and hopefully the last :(

The Automatic - I'd been looking forward to seeing these again since the minute I walked out of Sheffield Octagon in February 2007 just because I enjoy their live shows so much. In my opinion, you know you've been to an incredible show if you are either a) covered in other peoples sweat/beer or b) have injuries but are so numb you don't realise until the next morning :') Some may beg to differ, but as this has been the case after any time I've seen The Automatic previous it's what I associate with having a good time. I was also particularly excited for this show to hear the new songs, and Paul Mullen as I never saw YCNI:M live. I can't even begin to list the order of songs, but they generally went in an old song, new song, old song pattern for the duration of the show (and oh my gawd, be so excited for their new album guys) Monster got a mental reaction as always, and given maybe 25% of their fans in that room will have been founded on that song so you can't really expect much less. (They also did did Recover (video), Keep Your Eyes Peeled, Lost At Home, By My Side and Raoul from Not Accepted Anywhere). Their performance was full of energy and from where I was standing any apprehension as to whether the new songs would get a good reception was absent (as I said before, look forward to this album so much) I took a video of the first single to be released from the new album, Steve McQueen click here - my speakers are down so I'm unaware of what the quality is like aha. I think in this song especially you can really hear the new elements Paul has brought to the new songs, and hear things you'd hear in a YCNI:M song but this has by no means replaced the style of The Automatic just enhanced it! The songs are quite rockier, and in my opinion I think this could divide the fanbase a little when the album is released (into monster-fans and automatic-fans, possibly?) but it's undoubtedly going to be excellent. Hell, Butch Walker produced it too therefore it's pure sacrilege to question it's awesomeness.

PS. If anyone knows who the dude taking photos at the front was, and where his pictures are located on the t'internet that'd be raaaad ;D

Sidenote: The audience was an eclectic mix of people to say the least it must be said and I have never felt so young in my entire life. The merch is really cute on this tour too.